At Jerusalem Intl. Grocery Kitchenware department, you can find Tea and Coffee Pots, Plates, Ovens, Trays, Kebab Machines, and more. Here is a list of some products we offer:

  • Inoksan Big Plate;
  • Inoksan Doner Kebab Machine Electric;
  • Inoksan Cooker with Oven;
  • Inoksan Dough Machine;
  • Inoksan Fritoz;
  • Inoksan Grill;
  • Inoksan Knife Sterilizer;
  • Inoksan Pizza Oven;
  • Inoksan Refrigerator;
  • Akel Aluminium Tray;
  • Basak Steel Tray;
  • Kutahya Coffee Set Topkapi;
  • Mimar Sinan Tea Pot Sehrazat Desenli;
  • Pasabahce Tea Glass with Gold Trim;
  • Verda Tea Pot Porcelain, and more.

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