Halva and Nougat

Our Halva and Nougat list includes:

  • Koska Wafer Halva;
  • Koska Cocoa/Pistachio Diabetic Halva;
  • HazerBaba Halva with Almond/Pistachio;
  • Gesas Cacao/Plain Halva;
  • Hel-San Pistachio/Cacao/Plain Halva;
  • Sunflower Halva;
  • Sunflower Halva Chocolate/Peanut Candy;
  • Joyva Halvah Bar Vanilla/Chocolate/Marble;
  • Sesame Halva Candy;
  • Malban Nougat with Almond/Pistachio;
  • Malban Nougat with Pistachio Apricot, etc.

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