Our Cheese offer includes:

  • Karoun Akkawi Cheese;
  • Karoun Ani Cheese;
  • Curd Snacks with Fruits and Vanilla;
  • Edam Cheese;
  • Bulgarian Sheep Feta;
  • Karoun Basket Green Olives/Kalamata Olives/Sun-Dried Tomatoes Feta;
  • Manouri Greek Feta;
  • Krinos Halloumi Cheese;
  • Pinar Beyaz Cream Cheese;
  • Pinar Bulgarevo White Cheese;
  • Ülker Icim Kashkaval;
  • Ülker Icim White Cheese;
  • Merve Goat Cheese;
  • Merve Sheep Cheese;
  • Vintage Bulgarian Kashkaval;
  • Vintage Bulgarian Sheep Feta;
  • Devanis Kasseri Cheese;
  • Castella Kefalograviera Cheese;
  • Karoun Nabulsi Cheese;
  • Serbian Bryndza;
  • Karoun Syrian Cheese;
  • Ülker Icim Labneh;
  • Pinar Sliced Cheese for Toast;
  • Shreded Mozzarella, and more.

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