Canned & Frozen Vegetables

Some Canned & Frozen Vegetables specialties we offer are:

  • SuperFresh Artichoke with Garnish Frozen;
  • SuperFresh Green Beans Frozen;
  • SuperFresh Green Peas Frozen;
  • SuperFresh Kidney Beans Frozen;
  • SuperFresh Spinach Frozen;
  • Mis Pepper Paste Hot/Sweet;
  • Mis Tomato Paste Home Style;
  • Penguen Boiled Chick Peas;
  • Penguen Okra (Sivri);
  • Tamek Boiled Pinto Beans;
  • Tamek Cooked White Beans;
  • Tamek Paltican Dolma;
  • Tamek Stuffed Cabbage;
  • Tamek Roasted Eggplant Hot;
  • Tamek Stuffed Grape Leaves;
  • Tamek Stuffed Pepper;
  • Berrak Vine Leaves in Brine, and more.

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